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Published in: October 2002

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Visual Basic



Jr. Vet followed the same gameplay and premise as its predecessor Jr. Doctor. This time, instead of curing storybook characters, the player gets to help out animals. Wowzers!

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Published in: December 2002

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Visual Basic

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In college, two peers and I decided to make a nifty children’s game and we came up with Jr. Doctor. To be honest, none of us knew how to make games, let alone design them. (Coffee helped a lot.) So after a few hit and misses, we finally put out Jr. Doctor, a fun puzzle-solving adventure with really rich characters and stories.

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Glow Bone! LED Night Safety Dog Collar Doohickey
Make you dog light up during your night-time walks!

Eggcellent Night Light!
This is my first Instructable! I've recently been reading a lot about LEDs and about simple LED Altoids flashlights and I got inspired one day.

Dieter's Face-Changing Bear Fridge Magnet!!
Superman has kryptonite, and I have snacks. In my constant effort to live a rather healthy life, I find that will power is over-rated, but a cute animal getting angry at me is not.

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