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Materials used: sheet acrylic, composite board, plastic enamel, screws, wall-mount bulb

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The irony of dorm furniture is that, while it’s marketed as reflecting a unique personal style, everyone ends up owning the same thing. Squeaky inflatable couches, ubiquitous wall-mounted lights in the celestial shapes… dorm furniture’s quirky style pretty much got diluted by mass consumerism. So then I got an idea of designing a DIY wall light kit.

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Materials used: maple, oak, carpenter glue, soap (for final wash)

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In 2003, I lived in Copenhagen and studied Scandinavian and furniture design. I designed and constructed the Heathcliff Stool (named after the American cartoon cat), a stout lil’ thang with a personality of a super-hero. It’s interlockable, stackable, and more intriguingly, it defies the usual facial and edge perception of a normal chair.

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Glow Bone! LED Night Safety Dog Collar Doohickey
Make you dog light up during your night-time walks!

Eggcellent Night Light!
This is my first Instructable! I've recently been reading a lot about LEDs and about simple LED Altoids flashlights and I got inspired one day.

Dieter's Face-Changing Bear Fridge Magnet!!
Superman has kryptonite, and I have snacks. In my constant effort to live a rather healthy life, I find that will power is over-rated, but a cute animal getting angry at me is not.

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Look what I won! Sprinted my guts out for Nike's  AIRMAX scavenger hunt. #airmax #nike #nikesf #airmaxsunset #sunset #sneakers #nikefuel

Bay to Breakers 2013

Just your ol' regular Italian polizia Lamborghini parked outside of @TwitchTV. Random.

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