Hey Karen, a lot of your work is videogame-related. Do you actually play videogames?

Yesiree. But because I get motion sickness really easily, I stay away from any FPS or Spyro games. My favorite games of all time are Bioshock (360), World of Warcraft (PC), Psychonauts (Xbox), Burnout Revenge (360), Viva Pinata (360), SSX Tricky/3/On Tour (PS2), Lumines (PSP), Fire Emblem (GBA), Super Mario Bros. 3 (Famicom), and Battle City (Famicom). I enjoy games that are either supremely addictive or have a kick-ass story.

How come your portfolio site isn’t like those other cool ones with Flash and animation and blinking stuff?

I’m honestly not as good at Flash as I want to be. But before sounding like a total cop-out, I want to emphasize how much I love WordPress and web 2.0 community involvement. What’s so great about showcasing one’s own work if no one can talk about it?

How did you learn about graphic design if you went to architecture school?

David Bowie came to be in a dream in his Labyrinth garb and started giving me graphic design lessons in my sleep. His codpiece is huge and so was his knowledge of Neville Brody.

No, I kid. I don’t think I ever officially learned graphic design but I did get the basics down at an early age. Important basics like composition, color, line weight, typography, and foreground/background are taught in almost all design programs.

What is your favorite program to use?

Photoshop. I think I have nanobytes of Photoshop running through my blood. I also really dig 3D Studio Max…and I shall use it more when I get my hands on a legal copy.