An import from Taiwan, I am a frequently misdelivered package that has accumulated a lot of postal markings and dents through the years. Some notable ones are from Copenhagen, Taipei, Lancaster, Pittsburgh, Berkeley, Paris, Interlakken, Stolkholm, LA, Bangkok, London, and Vancouver.

I like whiskey on the rocks, Scrabble, bears, videogames, and ring pops. I’m also an avid supporter of the SF SPCA. But now that I moved to Berkeley, I’ve been really interested in helping out the Berkeley Animal Care Services and BADRAP. I love going to Cal football games and SF Giants games with the hidden agenda of eating potent amounts of garlic fries that could vaporize a vampire yeti. Currently, I am a designer, an occasional writer, and a World of Warcraft podcast host at Ziff Davis Media / 1UP Network. Design is my hobby and passion. This also means I end up making a lot of stuff.

Alright, I’m done tooting my own horn. More work-and-experience-related information can be found on my resume.

You can reach me at

karen.t.chu [at]

Technology, rad!