Materials used: kraft paper, pencil, coffe, red wine

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop

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I used to live in one of the bad parts of San Francisco: Sixth and Mission, where sometimes I would get greeted by prostitutes with their clients doing their business on my apartment building’s staircase. The weird thing is, as the number of crack deals increase, more and more new “trendy” bars and clubs start popping out from nowhere trying to allure the hipster crowd. So it got me thinking, what will this area look like in 20 years?

Not much different, I bet. The streets still look forlorn. The updated public bus models still unkempt. And the bars? Still trying to seduce the in-crowd with cheeky themes and neon lights. Robobeatnik is a fetishized Beatnik-poetry-slam-inspired club. It’s what people in the future interpret as “Beatnik”…so it’s a bit tacky, stereotypic…the “Disneyland” version of what a Beatnik spot is. I was pretty proud of myself of coming up with “Jack KerouWHACK”….I had a good chuckle. LARGE VERSION HERE.

The initial sketch was done with pencil on a flattened brown paper lunch bag. Though it wasn’t my intention at first but I ended up really liking the texture and noise of the paper. Here’s the original drawing: