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Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator



I find branding intriguing but severely difficult. The 1UP Network has podcasts up the wazoo, and all of them have their own niche and flair. I ended up channeling Darwin and drew out an evolution tree. I treated each product as some sort of animal species and made the ones that were closer in content look more similar, as if they’re in the same genus. Or was it familia? Damn you, taxonomy!



Appeared on: iTunes Music Store

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator



Wow! I designed something that’s on iTunes for the world to see! Keen.



Glow Bone! LED Night Safety Dog Collar Doohickey
Make you dog light up during your night-time walks!

Eggcellent Night Light!
This is my first Instructable! I've recently been reading a lot about LEDs and about simple LED Altoids flashlights and I got inspired one day.

Dieter's Face-Changing Bear Fridge Magnet!!
Superman has kryptonite, and I have snacks. In my constant effort to live a rather healthy life, I find that will power is over-rated, but a cute animal getting angry at me is not.

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Look what I won! Sprinted my guts out for Nike's  AIRMAX scavenger hunt. #airmax #nike #nikesf #airmaxsunset #sunset #sneakers #nikefuel

Bay to Breakers 2013

Just your ol' regular Italian polizia Lamborghini parked outside of @TwitchTV. Random.

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