Published in: December 2002

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Visual Basic

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In college, two peers and I decided to make a nifty children’s game and we came up with Jr. Doctor. To be honest, none of us knew how to make games, let alone design them. (Coffee helped a lot.) So after a few hit and misses, we finally put out Jr. Doctor, a fun puzzle-solving adventure with really rich characters and stories.

Kids get to play a doctor apprentice and they go around a magical hospital where storybook characters go when they’re hurt. On their way, they will collect different tools and medicine, and will need to figure out what is needed to help each patient. “Oh no! Boogieman got chicken pox from the kid he was trying to scare! Calamine lotion usually help eases the itch.” “Jack Horner is screaming in pain from plum pie-poisoning! He needs something fizzy to settle his stomach.” “Be careful, Scarecrow got hay fever! We have to take his temperature!

Game is available for download here: