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Materials used: kraft paper, pencil, coffe, red wine

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop

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I used to live in one of the bad parts of San Francisco: Sixth and Mission, where sometimes I would get greeted by prostitutes with their clients doing their business on my apartment building’s staircase. The weird thing is, as the number of crack deals increase, more and more new “trendy” bars and clubs start popping out from nowhere trying to allure the hipster crowd. So it got me thinking, what will this area look like in 20 years?

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Glow Bone! LED Night Safety Dog Collar Doohickey
Make you dog light up during your night-time walks!

Eggcellent Night Light!
This is my first Instructable! I've recently been reading a lot about LEDs and about simple LED Altoids flashlights and I got inspired one day.

Dieter's Face-Changing Bear Fridge Magnet!!
Superman has kryptonite, and I have snacks. In my constant effort to live a rather healthy life, I find that will power is over-rated, but a cute animal getting angry at me is not.

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