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Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

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Lah Dee Dah, big deal, a web face lift. But wait! I tend to blog about compelling material and I assure you, dear readers, that this is in fact, very compelling. I was given the job to change the old Gamevideos; better UI, cleaner look, rational organization…the whole shebang. But there’s a catch! It had to be done quick. I had to design a new Gamevideos that will take as little time as possible for Tech to implement the changes so that means absolutely no new functionalities, and all the graphics must remain the same exact dimensions as the previous website. It was a puzzle. And I needed to find the most efficient and effective solution as fast as possible.

Here’s what the original site looked like before:

Now, I’m not going to bad-mouth the poor thing. But I will say this: the Channel Surf Tab and the Video Information module just are so…antiquated and makeshift. I understand that this old version of the site was probably built with a pretty tight deadline as well, hence a lot of the information was forced to fit. I’m pretty proud of the new site version of GV. 🙂  Take me to it!