Appeared on: The 1UP Show

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Pencil, Paper, Scanner

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With every new season, comes a new intro. That’s when I usually become the honorary video team member for a week and help out.   Cesar came up with the great idea of spoofing game covers. Naturally, with brainstorming, hard work, and a gazillion number of takes, the little idea became a fully fleshed-out intro.

I photoshopped a whole bunch of these parody covers and this Sam and Max one is by far the funnest one.  It’s pretty rare for me to actually draw anything by hand for work so this particular box cover was a breath of fresh air.  I drew all the “new art” by hand and then colored them digitally. So not only did the colors have to match that muted palette of the game box, the caricatures had to have the same illustration style. I did totally style Mike’s afro using Brady Culture as a reference.  At first, I was scared that Matt Leone will get pissed that I put him in a bunny/lagomorph suit. But he didn’t. Whew.

Here’s the show intro in action: