Appeared on: 1UP.COM

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

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One of the most frequent problems, not for 1UP but for anyone who needs to design a “cover”, is being 100% dependant on what art assets are made available. The cover that probably suffered the most was this Zelda cover. The only useable art at the time was from 2004. So even with the awesome new editorial content we have to offer, Link’s doe eyes and persed lips, though mysterious, were as over-exposed as a cheap disposable wedding camera photo.


Since every gamer is familiar with that specific piece of art, the editor and I decided to make Link as subtle as possible. I moved the spotlight away from Link but made the focus on something more symbolic of this game and of the cover story theme as a whole. The Warhol-ian solitary leaf’s crisp green resonates with Link’s usual garb but his prominence is far from an overdose.