Appeared in: Official PlayStation Magazine, January 2007

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator

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I post up a lot of mid-meeting doodles around my cube…bunnies with heads chopped off, walruses committing seppuku, frogs getting their tongues stapled to the ground. Really gruesome (but cute!) stuff. So when OPM’s art director Ryan Vulk came by and asked if I could do an illustration for their kids’ game column because he saw my doodles, I thought he was bonkers.

At this point, I’ve never made anything solely on Illustrator. Maybe the Live Trace tool once in a while… “vector art” was still a novel idea to me (“what do you mean you guys don’t draw in pencil?!“). So in two days, I taught myself the basics and completed this bunny illustration. Ryan made it really clear that I wasn’t allowed to put anything violent or cringe-worthy in. I didn’t. He was please as pie.