Appeared in: Official PlayStation Magazine, January 2007

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator

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Perhaps due to the success of the Kids Round Up column, OPM asked me if I had the pleasure of doing a different illustration each month to accompany the column. “Hells yeah,” I said. I’ve grown more confident of my Illustrator skills and I’m beginning to really use the program quite regularly. Unfortunately, OPM got canned after this issue came out. It was a sad day at Gamer Land.

Even though my first Kids Round Up illustration was very basic with primal shapes and gradients, I really like that unobtrusive and personable style. I kept my coloring technique but I decided to add in elements of a brush in attempt to bring out a more fuzzy feeling…as if there was a real artist’s hand behind it. The title notes a “round up” so the idea of having a collection of little animals seems logical to me but this doesn’t necessarily mean they should all look the same. I assigned a different personality to each bear (like how I did with the bunnies in the first Kids Round Up illustration) so that they’re cute… but without that gross saccharine after taste.