Materials used: maple, oak, carpenter glue, soap (for final wash)

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In 2003, I lived in Copenhagen and studied Scandinavian and furniture design. I designed and constructed the Heathcliff Stool (named after the American cartoon cat), a stout lil’ thang with a personality of a super-hero. It’s interlockable, stackable, and more intriguingly, it defies the usual facial and edge perception of a normal chair.

The seat, instead of one flat surface, is made of several linear surfaces together. The legs, instead of separate dowels, are really just the corners from the faces of the stool. Every component of the chair is dependent on one piece of rectangle prism pole that acts like a spine. The construction of the chair was inspired by the massive amounts of smoked fish I had to eat while I was in Scandinavia. I guess it was either that or danish pastry.